July 15, 2001

Gin Wilcox and Cathy Howe Madaline Marinacci, Rose Florkey &
 Marilyn Kainz (Moneca)
Tom Ware and Diana Junod Barbara Heacox,  Gwen Jackson & hubby
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Katsock Madaline Marinacci and Bev Ware
Bud Kreller and Larry Thomas Rose Florkey and Bruce Barton
Bruce Barton, Bev Ware in back and 
Madaline Marinacci and Pam Fotherby 
Madaline Marinacci and Diane Champa 
Bev Ware, Mr. and Mrs Wayman Swint  & Cathy Howe  Bud Kreller, Dave Davies, Larry Thomas,
Bruce Barton, Marilyn Kainz, Gary Garrison,
Diana Junod, and Barbara Heacox
Bud Kreller, Madaline Marinacci, Larry Thomas, Diana Junod, Cathy Howe, and Barbara Heacox.  Cathy Howe, Madaline Marinacci, Barbara 
Heacox, and Pam Fotherby 
Top left to right... 
Rose Florkey, Marilyn Kainz, Pam Fotherby, Diane Chapman, and Gwen Jackson. 
Middle left to right... 
Diane Champa, Diana Junod, Cathy Howe, and Gwen Jackson. 
Front row, left to right... 
Gloria Brown, Madaline Marinacci, and Barbara Heacox. 
Almost the same people.
Head down - James Robson, Gloria Brown, Mrs Swint, Dave Davies and Wayman Swint, with Moneca (Marilyn Kainz) looking down at something (Playboy?). Alan Darnell from the class of 1963
Gin Wilcox, Tom Stanbury, Mrs Stanbury,
and Ronald Busam. 
Mr.& Mrs.Jack Lombardo and
Mr & Mrs Andy Jackson
Madaline Marinacci, and Larry Thomas
with Diane Champa
James Robson, Pam fotherby, Alan Darnell, Cathy Howe and Gary Garrison.  Andy Katsock, Dave Davies,
Wayman Swint and Larry Thomas
Madaline Marinacci, Moneca,
Diane Champa
Tom Ware, Larry Thomas,
and Pete Parrinello
Bruce Barton with Cathy Howe and 
Moneca (Marilyn Kainz)